Audi SQ8 Spied

Audi SQ8 Spied Showing Quad Exhaust Tips

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Audi SQ8 Spied Showing Quad Exhaust Tips – We know that Audi is incredibly near unveiling its new flagship SUV, the Q8. By that, we have a tendency to mean presumably simply a month away at the Geneva Motor Show in March. As such, we’ve seen many spy photos showing the massive people-mover in varied degrees of camouflage, however we’ve not seen one like this.

Our spy photographers ar line it the Audi SQ8. whether or not this lands up being the ultimate superior Q8 edition or if that may be crammed by Associate in Nursing RS model is unclear. no matter badge lands up on the facet, we have a tendency to suspect this can be no slouch once battling with Mercedes-Benz and BMW for German SUV ascendency on the expressway.

How will we apprehend this? The air intakes at the lowest of the front connective tissue look slightly completely different to America, and tho’ it’s laborious to inform, this Q8 looks to ride simply slightly lower from previous models caught on camera. The telltale options, however, ar the quad exhaust pipes protruding the rear wherever fake rectangular cutouts are antecedently seen. Given the snow buildup on 2 of the four pipes it looks there’s some trickery here yet, however it doesn’t hide truth nature of this epitome.

Audi SQ8 Spy Photos

As to what would possibly power the SQ8, our sources speak of a hybrid powertrain manufacturing a combined 470 HP (350 kW), with a lot of of that returning from a boosted three.0-liter V6. There may additionally be a diesel variant with 435 HP, tho’ it’s uncertain that may see yank shores. once it involves the rider compartment we’ve already had a peek at the Q8’s interior; the SQ8 would little question add slightly a lot of sport to the graceful look.

When would possibly the SQ8 be revealed? That definitely depends on once the quality Q8 comes out, however if we have a tendency to do see the new SUV next month in Geneva, the SQ8 can seemingly show up within the summer or fall.

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